27th November 2019

 Swadlincote, Derbyshire – Couple propose via infamous Premier Container Storage giant LED sign on Cadley Hill Road.

Rachel Vince of Swadlincote had a special request. She wanted to ask her partner Pete Wileman’s hand in marriage.

People living in Swadlincote have been raving online about the “funny messages” displayed on the sign such as “caution wet floor” – frequently displayed on rainy days.

“if you can read this, bring cream cakes” is another message which was a firm favourite with locals.

Dozens of people had posted across various Facebook groups asking who was in charge of the sign, stating it brought them much joy and happiness for over a year. Some have called the company number directly simply to say thank you for bringing them so much joy.

“Ha ha so you’re the legend. Always wondered who did it. Loved “Winter is coming”.  – Mr M. Potts via Facebook

Premier Container Storage just recently made it known who was responsible for the sign via Facebook and opened the door for locals to suggest messages to be put on the Sign.

Rachel Vince seized her opportunity and privately messaged the company with a particularly special request..

“Marry me Pete from Rachel!”

Premier Container Storage were happy to oblige and displayed the message, barely a day had gone by before Pete had seen the message while driving past and said yes! Rachel messaged the company again to express her thanks.

The happy couple is now engaged to be married.

Premier Container Storage is open to more special requests, anyone can get in touch with them via email or via their Facebook page.